Online Christian Counseling for Men, Women, and Teens in Texas

Helping Christians who feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and struggling with life, find balance, joy, and hope for the future

What is online counseling? Online counseling is counseling that happens between a client and a licensed professional counselor online via video rather than at a physical location.

How does online counseling work? In order to be a good fit for online counseling, it’s important to have a quiet, private space. You will need a computer with a web-cam or cell phone, internet access and headphones. For each session, you’ll log onto a confidential online video conferencing system.

Benefits of online versus traditional in-office counseling. Online counseling achieves the same goals and has the same benefits of traditional in-office counseling but is more accessible. There is no need to drive to an office across town or in another city. You can have a counseling session in the comfort of your own home or on your lunch break; no need to take time off work for sessions.

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