Postpartum Depression


I've come to realize there is a huge misconception about what Postpartum Depression is and is not!  This is especially true when I talk with moms.  Normally, when I talk with moms of young children, we discuss the difficult thoughts and feelings that can come with this phase of life and I share with them my experiences.  They then will ask me what I did that helped.  When I bring up the idea of Postpartum Depression, they immediately state that they never wanted to hurt their child.  At first, I was confused with why moms were responding this way but after having the same conversation with several different moms, I realized they were confusing Postpartum Depression and Munchausen by Proxy.  

Postpartum Depression is actually very different from Munchausen by Proxy.  The symptoms of Postpartum Depression include:
weight loss or gain
sleep issues
feelings of worthlessness
difficulty concentrating
thoughts of death or suicide

When a mother is suffering with postpartum depression, she normally experiences severe anxiety and concern for the wellbeing of her baby.

While Postpartum Depression is classified as a Major Depressive Disorders, Munchausen by Proxy, is classified as a Factitious Disorder.  The symptoms associated with Factitious Disorders imposed on another include:
Falsifying or inducing physical or psychological illness in their child
Presenting their child to others as ill, impaired, or injured
Appears to be the victim or hero

More information on Munchausen by Proxy can be found here.  

Once I realized that moms believed Munchausen by Proxy and Postpartum Depression were the same thing, I began to understand why many moms stay struggling and suffering with Postpartum Depression rather than getting help.  If you are one of these moms who is experiencing the symptoms of Postpartum Depression and the shame associated with these feelings, I want to offer you hope!  You are not alone and I want to help you go from struggling to get through the day to excitement and joy about the future.  Call me at 210.789.9166 to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation or email me here.